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Faction switch question

So, i switch my faction. As a dg ranger i need hp and resistances, so, i decided the t4 reaver ring was the way to go. One problem, i was t4 in lichs. So, i grinded my ass off and am now t2 in reaver, but, i dont have the quest to hand in shards. I can turn in crystals no problem, but no shard quest...

Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

Wasnt trying to distespect epona, what i am trying to do is figure out the answers to those 'questions' i put forth. Im from rhiannon, the server is dying, and i feel that the best way to save it is if clans work together. The problem is, theres a long history of anamosity between clans, a feeling t...

Re: Here's Something Cool: Rules!

So no clans? No competition? All PvE? Great if it works for u guys but dont you feel that after a while all your hard work is pretty pointless? I mean, 'yay you got a godly sharpshot ring!' but no ffa so whats the difference if im using a godly or mighty? The points boost alone? Kinda boring. Also, ...

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