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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

The usual criminsl, u just gotta get used to it. e.g. yesterday he made a scandal over killing charfire yea.... i still know that u and andrew r two (sorry u r the same person) sacmmer(s) dont forget what u said about falgren before, and also i only said "ksed to the clan..." i dont think...

Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

Hey crim you sound like a little ***. Suck ot up its a drop. In a game. Cry about it. :) well, if im sound like a little ***, so idk how to describe u, stfu and dont get involved, *** =] well marcus, most of the clan r using alt main, and everyone r trying to lvl both of them (for example andew, 0a...

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