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Re: Increasing quest weapon stats

Rochoh2000 wrote:Just my opinion, we should get to the root of the problem instead of compromising for it. The problem is the ludicrous bottle necks in the game. It shouldn't take months and months to get frozen, nor should there be lines of level 220s waiting to get their dl weps (a level 180 weapon.)

Right on.

Re: Conflicted Accounts

Update: I went back to my old iPad and logged in and it went to the accounts conflicted screen. I was able to change the ^iOS account name from my iPad and everything went smoothly. Apparently it was just my android s8, s8 +, galaxy tab that wouldn't let me change the ^iOS.

Re: Conflicted Accounts

Darkman wrote:
GrooviestofGus wrote:I change the name of my account and it's says login failed invalid login- no matter what I put as my name. Suggestion?
same thing for me I can't log in no matter what I put as my username it says it's invalid

Same here

Re: Revival Chests

Look at when I joined. I am not saying my money would save the game, but I am saying that I am disappointed and saddened by their reneging. But yeah, my inventory is full of rare and old fashion like bat wands, Snowman head, a wand that shoots snowballs, and my fave my scary ass pumpkin head. I got ...

Re: Revival Chests

This is by far the stupidest thing that could have happened.. who gave the feedback? The 3% of the Players that own rares such: white/black hunter or other fash.. what y'all did is favor those who spend $$$ to get those items over regular players. Based on this thread I can see that majority wanted...

Re: Revival Chests - A Veteran Players Unpopular Opinion

Removing the chests was a bad idea and OTM shouldn't cave in to their greedy hoardish players this game is for everyone including the ones that haven't played it yet. And this transcends to quest drops as well such as DL and raid drops. This is how all the dominant people are they just want it all ...

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