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Re: Question

I bought 20 aeon chests for 200k off of another player last night. In the AH there were 20 exp lixes going for 40k and hp sigils going for 5k per crate. This server is very good and is my home IMO.

Re: Nuada - Am I cursed?

Pixxie wrote:Lol the server has been live for what 2 weeks and people are upset about not getting the drops they need.

Not upset, rather I think it is funny that I cannot get to see fellfire when I am on. I know it is just random luck. I am just wanting to clear my quest log lol.

Re: Official Server Transfer

Will this ever happen? I've seen admin posts from 2011 saying they're working on it. Some players have spent years and tons of plat on servers just to watch them die and never get to touch EG. This is a reason alot of players quit the game. Why is there still no confirmation on official transfer? S...

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