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Re: Hi people of earth!

xJawz wrote:We live on earth? Isnt that where humans live.... :shock:

Corio is now yours Jawz. Except don't change pass, don't give out pass or sell offhand. IF (big if) I come back I may use him

Hi people of earth!

SO as most of u know i have quit, and no Arjun i am not coming back, I hate this game Bla Bla Bla ya da ya da ya da i gave my Account to Cran. So if you see "me" running around it's not me

Re: Gwydion News!

KnightRyder wrote:
GwydionEvents wrote:BUMP :D

YOLO BUMP wouldve been more appropriate.

:O all those levels in sig...

Woah, nice job on hitting 190 Leg. Did you make a new alt and get him to 200 already!?

Re: earthstone

Jacoby wrote:
Vision The Rogue wrote:HA! God luck trying to find a Earthstone BP for 200K

It is lesser though

Yea, I know. Cheapest I ever found was 500K, before Carrow came out

Re: earthstone

Lonewolfjrr wrote:buying all lesser earthstone parts

Helm - paying 50k
Brestplate - paying 200k
pants - bought
boots - paying 50k
gloves - paying 50k

just either pm me or ign me at either deathsbank or lonewolfjr with price


HA! God luck trying to find a Earthstone BP for 200K

Re: my goodbye to vision

xJawz wrote:
Allyme wrote:i can still see that turtle on ps3 :) played with galadeep not to long ago if you guys remember him :)

We haven't played together in ages!

Ah, good times... I'm still on if you look for me, Minecraft and Ghosts FTW

Re: my goodbye to vision

I was looking for your post and couldn't find it but I badly need to tell you, you will be missed. I remember you logging on and the first chat that came to you was my whisper after you said you would be inactive. I remember you said you guess no one really cared for you because not many people sai...

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