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Re: Hello people of celtc heroes

69R wrote:Hey this is wiseguy, just wondering if any of the people i used to play with still play? Considering coming back

I am starting to come back, but only for the summer. We have a lot of new high level faces and it's pretty fun here. And, your a wiiiiise guy eeeh?

Re: Vision's Shop

Hey guys, I still wanna get rid of his junk, o if you see anything you need send mail to Vision and i'll try my best to get back to u, also I have not updated this thing in forever so some stuff may or may not be in there so yeah.

PS im coming back this summer for bosses and maybe a few levels :)

Re: Making my return!

Hello Gwydion Community! I know that I'm a lowby and a nobody within the community, but I'm a long time gamer and am making my return to CH! I'm only a level 60ish warrior right now, and am considering remaking into an Archer, But are there any clans out there that would take in a newer/returning p...

Re: Back in the game :)

Hehe hewwo Sloan :D I just wanted to say Hi to ya and see how the old Gwyd is doing and to say Hi to them. I see you hit 150 0.o I hope you don't pass me like Leg did *cough cough* a$$ *cough cough* lol

Whats up bozos? (JK)

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood, (not really your neighbor, and if you start calling me that you and I are gonna have a serious talk) Vision! Like most of you know I have quit and moved on to a better life in Heav- Call of Duty Ghosts. I just wanted to see what's going on in the old drama ...

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