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Selling quick stuff :)

Hey guys I know I already have a crappy shop but this is just for quick stuff I want to sell.


Ancient Wyrmbone Jerkin

Turquoise Ardmair Bracers
Pink Ardmair Bracers
Green Ardmair Boots
Red Ardmair Leggings(x2)

Re: 'Tis Time

Before u leave can i at least by the orange sparkling stuff? Your seriously kidding me, man? The good guys quitting and all you say is can I buy something? Smh... But for your Arj, Arj... man first I wanna say it's a shame your leaving. We never had a good bond or anything but I always respected yo...

Hey Andriod peeps!

Hey I was wondering how this game is and the servers. Who is the highest lvl here and how are you all liking this game? Have you tried IOS yet and if you have, which do you like better?

Respond if you want or can! Thanks guys!


Re: For People Under Level 190

Fight for your medal; if you really do have all those toons you claim to have in your signature and you can 6 box, you should get killain no problem... Having 6 toons will not make killain spawn faster..... The lower levels could say that 190s don't need to level, they have reached the level of the...

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