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Re: Star legends

I actually played pocket legends for a couple weeks.
I prefer pocket legend's medieval theme. I did have star legends for a little bit, but I didn't like the sci-fi theme as much.

Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

This is turnip from ur server :) I started out just like you. I didnt have any lux or spend any irl cash(i did spend 20 bucks later but that was last summer when i already was pretty well off) My key to gettin cash is to... 1. Get into a nice clan(you make friends, get cash from bosses, and have fu...

Re: A discussion about religion

Yeah I agree. But you can't exactly disprove a deity because it's a matter of faith and belief. You can argue against evolution though. That is another thing that tends to decrease the possibility in a deity, in my opinion. It is completely faith. A story that has been passed on, translated, and di...

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