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What should I buy?

Currently lvl 55 with anc composite bow and all still creetseeker armour. Been saving for a while and now have about 35k. What do you reccomend I buy? (Keep in mind I will be getting warden gear very soon). Thanks for any feedback!

If CH had an NBA team

Since there are five classes and five positions, to me CH and basketball are the perfect comparison. Warriors can be the centers since centers are generally the strongest, biggest, and tallest players on the team while warriors are tanks. Druids can be the point guards since the main role of a point...

How much

How much does a full purple spidersilk set go for these days? Haven't been on in a while so any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, I recently got a tablet for christmas and decided that I will be joining this server. I have been playing Celtic Heroes since 2011 in Belenus on iOS and am very excited to be coming to Lir. Can someone just give me a summary of how the server is? Thanks! Can't wait to meet you guys.

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