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Re: Auction House

I've also noticed that item prices are ridiculously high on my server as well. Whether this is because of the implimentation of the auction house or due to other factors such as a lack of plat circulation I don't know. I have definitely noticed it though (wisdoms at 5k is pretty extreme tho!!) :lol:

How did you find CH?

I am interested to find out how everyone discovered this game considering there are limited ads about CH. Personally, I joined back in December 2011-January 2012 when a friend suggested the game to me and I have loved it ever since. I feel like many people who play CH have discovered it in similar c...


Hey guys, I am a long time CH player who left the game about a year ago due to some circumstances in my personal life as well as a growing dissatisfaction for the game. However, seeing a glimpse of the new look game has really got me excited. I am looking for advice from active players on whether I ...

Elite Bounty's

Does anyone know if there is a set ratio on how many standard bounty's you can receive before getting an elite? It seems as though I haven't got an elite bounty in a while and am just wondering if it's random or not. Thanks!

What should I buy?

Currently lvl 55 with anc composite bow and all still creetseeker armour. Been saving for a while and now have about 35k. What do you reccomend I buy? (Keep in mind I will be getting warden gear very soon). Thanks for any feedback!

If CH had an NBA team

Since there are five classes and five positions, to me CH and basketball are the perfect comparison. Warriors can be the centers since centers are generally the strongest, biggest, and tallest players on the team while warriors are tanks. Druids can be the point guards since the main role of a point...

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