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Re: Druid power

Pretty sure the op thinks what he did was an impressive achievement? And that dps druids haven't been getting kills on mordy and higher level bosses for years?

Re: Proper tank pet anytime soon?

Obviously extra vit is better than no bonus, nice observation. But that vit is also better used on any other class besides maybe rangers. Why should the tank be organizing raids? It should be a toon actually capable of observing what is going on and can type freely without potentially causing many d...

Re: Weapons

I hotbar a lure brace, brace plus attune ring for attune casts, occult/beastbone gloves, silverweb shards ring, and mord firestorm ring. Haven't found this to be excessive yet; I may add another item or two to the rotation :D

Re: Proper tank pet anytime soon?

Errrm how does it not?! Armour reduction speeds up the whole fight making it easier I would also imagine it pulls a tiny bit if aggro too. But as a tank why would I want the boss to have weakened armour making the whole fight slightly smoother and stop them hitting me sooner right? killing faster d...

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