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Re: Gelebron idea

InnerCircle of Rhiannon had our 8th gele kill over the weekend, we haven't had to freeze crystals once. We typically have 4-6 mages and all the rogues do crystals as well, except those dual logged. We rarely have more than 2-3 crystal heals over the course of the fight; keep a few magic runes on som...

Re: Hybrid Question

Fire attune, firebolt, firestorm, shards, fire lure should be your core. Add an ice lure if your clan doesn't have many ice mages or if you're still leveling. Otherwise incin isn't a bad option for dps, or assassin lure for support. Prioritize cooldown reduction items, then direct boost (firebolt, t...

Re: Necro down by outliers!

Yep ^ they have plenty rangers so they plat zerg/bolas most bosses. Think their first prot base took over an hour, not too many weeks ago. Necro requires a different strategy that they didn't acquire until observing many of our kills, after many raged fails. Btw if you plan on joining Rhiannon and w...

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