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Re: Why Arawn?

Pretty odd coincidence that most people arguing for system to stay the same are from arawn...also doesn't hurt that your world is the most likely to get any new players due to the current alphabetized order, I suppose

Re: Necromancer

Ririku wrote:
GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:Avalon is #1
Havoc is #2
Been like this for a long time

Havoc #1
Avalon #2
Look at leader boards they making a comeback

I suppose you're also the type to search leaderboards for highest hit to determine the best dps in celtic heroes?

Re: Mabon's Doch Gul Ranger

The main thing that should be rethought is your world's ffa economy lol. The way it works as is, if you discount purchasing drops, the first set wouldn't be finished until there are enough drops floating out there to potentially have done 20+. Meaning 140+ weeks

Re: Hybrid Question

Why would ice be better when you're taking mob resistances to 0? Even without an aoe strategy a mage should be able to easily solo clear 200 room. I remember getting 2+ bars a lix on hk there

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