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Re: What did I miss?

What is this VR, did OTM shut down? Was the torch passed? What does VR stand for? Is it just OTM reformed or renamed? Is VR a different company that handles other games as well? If so, what games? What can we expect differently? Remember the Thai satellite studio OTM had? They are Virtual Realms (V...

Re: Admin?

Camos -- significantly OP, even today... They were removed long ago for good reasons, however with many endgame mobs seeing through Camo the benefit is much less now. Growths/Shrinks -- caused plenty issues with trolling/griefing (largely fixed now with Filter Players), several weird camera bugs, be...

Re: Collecting Lock Gold?

Aeon and theILLUMINATI collected gold for years -- usually after kills one leader would collect gold and another drops from the KG, gold went to bank to refund idols (Illum) and supply alt/rebirth books (Aeon). Toward's Aeon's end we stopped collecting in favor of "if you are in KG, you better ...

Re: When do servers active?

Most servers seem to be about 50% American, 30% Euro, and 20% Aussie/Asian time zones, with small shifts between each server. Just the way the game is I guess. I don’t get when people just quote text :P But ima copy you It means I second your analysis! :) This seems to be roughly Taranis as well

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