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Re: So who likes getting scammed? Is it OK these days? Be informed!

I have been scammed by a level 1 before, after which I made 104 characters to block future impersonations of my clannies. I strongly suggest you do the same. The impersonation scam is a huge problem, I see several ways CH can address it: 1. Have an additional confirmation popup of "This player ...

Re: Error with Bounty

It was originally XX6 to finish floor bosses (XX2 for the first, XX4 for the second, XX6 for the third), however bounties are set up given a target level with the level range calculated (a page bounty may target 190, so the system gives it to 185-195). This caused issues with players getting quests ...

Re: Any tips for my new Druid?

Absolutely delete the Druid and remake it on a new account, I too once thought "I'll never have a second device" ... until I did. You never know what may come! Read the guides, they are there to help you; don't be afraid to post questions on the forum or PM players both here and ingame. Wh...

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