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Re: mages vs lavalord

Pyrus is a fire boss... meaning that his ice resists are terrible. ur ice should being doing amazing dmg against him. Also... i love getting a mage group together and frusterating a rival clan when our firebolts heal their dmg :) XD

Re: Video Competition

Here is my submission... After two long days of no sleep... Many thanks to all my helpers, and to theILLUMINATI for staying with me despite all my mistakes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfVeOtCZhc0&feature=plcp All the letters were done using Paint (*gasp*). **EDIT** I changed the background m...

Re: Joining Taranis?

Hey fellow Gwydioneer! Glad to see another one of you guys here (I moved here from Gwydion to.... Remember Terrodus??) Taranis is probably the BEST world in Celtic Heroes. Lots of boss fights, great people, lots of nice ones to, and FREE FRAGS (Select Clans only). I also chose druid, and believe me,...


Ok, I am hosting a free-to-join competition that i thought would be fun. We all (at least me) have noticed the bizzare poses that overcome us when we get freezed (Mezmorized, Icy Gazed, etc), so I decided to make a little contest out of it. Post a picture of yourself iced. Can be from any mob, and w...

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