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XP Weekend

On home page it says double xp weekend, and it said if you use a regular knowledge potion you get 4x xp instead of 2x, so if you use a super knowledge or super combo potion/elix is it 8x xp?

Posing as admn

In rosemerta we have had many ppl trying to pass themselves off as an admn or developer lately, the most recent being OneThumb asking ppl to give out acct info to join next beta. If he's legit srry for annoyance, but figured I'd let you know.
PS: still waiting for armour or refund


Crystal armour vendor in Rosemerta still glitches and takes gold without giving armour. FIX PLEASE, I am out about 300k and have been for about half a week. PLEASE FIX ASAP.
I understand you are buisy with alot from update, but please fix this soon.


On Rosemerta, I have bought 2nd tier crystal armour. I bought and the vendor took gold and I got no armour. I assumed this just meant it would be patched in so I bought chest, pants, and offhand. I was about to buy the dagger, but I saw someone with crystal armour so I figured something is up. I hav...

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