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Re: Mage isnt a serious dps anymore :/

I am a rogue and i can officially say rogues dont get the kills every time. You're probably basing this topic off of a rogue with all event and mordris items. Well yeah a rogue with all that will out dps most mages. A mage that is geared the right way can take out a boss and get the kill no problem...

Re: Poor fire mages :(

I feel bad for the fire mages, they were all so badass during the winter event, I hope ice mages get a chance to flex their muscle on whatever mobs are introduced for the summer event. We dont have muscles, thats why we fight flaming dragons and undead sorcerers with books and forever-burning spark...

Re: Winter Gone but Summer Not Here

CH45E wrote:
thebeast1221 wrote:Guys Otm is doing there best try said it will come very soon so why can't u be patient for like two weeks lol

Mine patient for two weeks you say? We were patient for months

Was autocorrect, he meant to say six months, lol


Am i the only one sick of events?
Can we get some new, lasting content instead of quickly fading, long lasting updates?

Would very much like to see this cycle of events change to actual content updates

Re: Spell haste elixir

This elixer would help melee dps far more than mages. Here is why: Currently, i have about the maximum sustainable dps for a fire mage (to maximize cost:xp ratio for lvl). I have tried builds from melee, to fire, to ice, to mixed, and have been successful with each, but personally i prefer fire for...

Re: Which One?

PoDatz wrote:Depends on how much plat you want to spend.

Rogues - quickest, but most expensive.
Ranger - probably slowest, but definitely the cheapest.

Mages - somewhere in the middle? not sure.

Mage is more expensive than rogue, and slightly worse xp.

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