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Re: CH birthday event?

As soon as the player base starts complaining to VR about lack of communication, the game really is dying. (Who remembers Pirate/Wizard101) Getting off topic, but I don't just remember Wizard101; I played up to level 120/130. They are not dead! Although, the player base is getting frustrated becaus...

Re: If you had 11Mill....

I'd buy another pure 11 mil might seems like like alot, but average player could earn it in couple weeks playing like 3 hrs a day. On Taranis imp bt items trade for 10-25 mln how do ppl make that kind of money? i cant even make 100k lol https://i.postimg.cc/TY8TqHvg/0-C34729-F-04-E2-45-DF-88-E6-4-B...

Sulis has lag too

I just logged in to report the lag. Others are having issues from Sulis. I have seen that this started happening today and is affecting both ios players and android players. Hopefully they fix this soon.

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