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Re: Scion the Lost

This dude got smart. He knows whats up, he aint gnna be like the rest of those fools like mord and gele, he hiding. He like hells nah man I ain't got time for this, im out! He probs relaxing somewhere at a good hotspring resort livin' his best life.

Re: Mount/Pet refunds

I made a mistake with my phoenix ;-; It was multiple mistakes on the same pet at the same time, do they refund you multiple mistakes or just one mistake per event? I believe I saw somewhere that Support limits their refunds to once or twice per month. If you sent in a ticket and needed multiple thi...

Whos ready for....

Finishing to get their new toon they probs made and leveled up to end game? Wooo....hooo.............. Got my druid to 195....;-; Was 155 or something in the beginning.....but um. I'll be crying in a closet now as I compare the xp gains before and after the event. Go from aprox 2 lixes a level to pr...

Re: Reset

Upset about it being late. People have work and when they stay up just to have it be too late for the bosses kind of sucks since now we zombies at work for nothing. XD

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