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Re: The new meteoric weapon quest

TheBehtir wrote:[quote="mdimaquote="CH4quote="mdimai still need the quest and can't find it and its not in my quest log :/[/quot
Send a support ticket in game[/quo

done thanks.[/quote
Good luck, it has been a month for me, 3 resets of the quest. Quest is just breaking down worse and worse.

rofl. Over leveled meteoric questers with failed quests unite!

Re: Hammer Bros!

Jair wrote:Uhh i don't get it.

Ya it isn't entirely cohesive. But the reference was thoughtful. And I love the picture of that dude. And yes i would probably have a face like that on that part of the level too xP.

Re: Discussing the clans

ah damn everything i wrote and my internet crashed just to sum up only the last lines of my comments were reffered to u i hate drama on forums, it gets annoying generals and chiefs should solve those stuff, not recruits, clansmen or guardians Ya that is the beauty of a clan, for the most part the p...

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