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Re: Quick question for everyone

In Resurgence we base activity off of DL/EDL Attendance. The backbone of your Clan is the DL/EDL armour. Without the constant flow of drops for DL/EDL we wouldn’t be able to gear our new members. Depending on your clans play style this view can vary. However as an endgame clan, you need EDL on all ...

Re: Bloodthorn

+1 to your depiction of issue, -1 to your solution. I’d rather see the whole boss redone. Incorporate the type of strategy as seen in the faction bosses and redesign the raid for 30ish people, maybe even 25 (and actually killable with this amount, unlike the faction bosses which require double the ...

Re: druid leveling

how long does it take to lvl a druid 110-200 from your experience, guys? i can try giving a rough estimate on number of lixes u have to do which imo is more useful... Obiously this ll depend on ur build+ whether ur solo lixing or grp lixing... i ll just give estimate u can try calculating by urself...

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