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Re: Best World

seriously though it all comes to what u like.
i played epona its a nice server but its just no comp was no fun for me... so it all comes to personal preference

Re: Best World

We need information on what kind of server you want. Literally impossible unless you tell us.. free server? One clan server? Multi-clan server? A one clan server isn’t ideal but if it’s still a good, fun clan then I’m down. I really like the idea of a free server. A multi clan server also sounds co...

Re: Quick question for everyone

Legacyte wrote:There is a difference between active and usful

Usful is a clannie that logs gets timers and helps woth dl edl often

Active is someone who logs often

Inactive is someone who doesnt log that often maybe three times a week or lig once every two days for 10 mins.... or just to raids


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