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Re: Hello world

Mind wrote:Welcome to the game and the forums :) Search around for helpful info and feel free to ask questions about anything. (also be aware of the timestamp on topics; an answer may no longer be true if the advice is from long ago ;) ).

We’ve had quite a few cases of necromancy lately.

Re: Hello world

Welcome to Celtic Heroes! Hope you enjoy the game! Feel free to post around the forums, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them in the appropriate subforum. We have a lot of experienced players who love to help new players out!

Re: Instagram Page

My instagram is totally about heroes and all about this game. if you're interested I'll tellyou more about it. Just a friendly note, this topic is four years old, lol. Here at the forums we try to refrain from necroposting (bringing old and dead topics back to life) so that we can prevent any confu...

Re: Character portrait

Oooh you posted it on forums! First version was great, of course, but I love the new version as well! Yeh, digital art is so fun. I have shakey hands so it’s nice to get cleaner lines with digital art :3 Oh yeah, definitely a perk. Also digital art has a good perk for brighter and more vibrant colo...

Re: Angmar Reid’s Artwork

Here’s is my most recent drawing, a little smaller so detailing was difficult. It’s my toon in her Dragonlord (er... Dragonlady?) armor set, but of course with my Glenmor wig (my favorite hairstyle in game). But of course a Warrior needs her tried and true steed! https://i.postimg.cc/3w9tsCWc/6-CFBB...

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