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Celtic Heroes Character Art

Just going up a step ahead of time to set this thread down.

Here I will be posting the characters I have drawn requested by a few people. The first one should be done later today if not earlier tomorrow.

If you want your CH hero to be drawn, information is in General Discussion. ;)

Celtic Heroes Character Art

Hey, I recently had an idea about art: I can draw your character on CH for free. I will draw your character as close to the game animation as possible. If you are interested, PM me a picture of your character (and along with your pet and mount if you want that included in your drawing) and fill out ...

Re: Reset Delay...

Zyz wrote:
Allyknife wrote:Maybe VR should get spammed to see how it feels lel

It's easier to just turn off your alerts and then you don't have those crazy clan mates trying to disturb your sleep. Some of us need our beauty sleep.


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