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Re: CH Art Requests

I just want to let you guys know something unexpected happened yesterday and I wasn’t able to get much drawing done. This is a bit of a setback so I apologize that your drawings will be completed later than than I told you—and later then I personally hoped. If I have to continue drawing to finish th...

Re: CH Art Requests

Can I possibly have a drawing of Bloodthorn from the front... I want it’s carnivorous head to have an open mouth and in B&W outline Black inside white idk you can do your taste of drawing thank you so much :) Yeah I’ll see what I can do! Please send me a PM with a screenshot and anything else y...

Re: CH Art Requests

I didnt feel like reading it all but do u do non CH requests? Yes I apologize for the long message :lol: I mean, I can take requests not related to CH. However, I do have limits in what I draw. For now I don’t want to take any requests outside of CH... at a later point send me a PM and we can talk ...

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