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Re: CH Art Requests

Here is the first one, requested by paggasquid. https://i.postimg.cc/VvNhTvQG/900-CB0-F9-92-FB-4-B4-D-A8-CC-0-E0-C6-A7138-A1.jpg I want to thank you for your patience. There have been some really unexpected interruptions, so I really appreciate it! I really loved to draw this Druid, and it was actua...

CH Art Requests

Hey guys!

This is the thread where I will post the art requests I have gotten from some players. All of the requests are unique so stay tuned for all of them!

Re: CH Art Requests

Progress Update

Paggasquid progress: Finished! Waiting for a thumbs-up from paggasquid before I post on Fan Art.

Romeo—I’ll get to work on yours tomorrow. I should have it done by evening!

Re: Hit a roadblock at Lv. 150, want advice for progression

Thanks for the feedback! Since my initial post, I've made some considerations on what to do with my druid: -The future quest armor sets druids get all power up Lighting Strike and Nature's Touch, meaning if I have them in my new main skill set I won't have to adjust them for future builds. Winds/Ba...

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Toxic walks in, never attempted dino before as a clan but has players from Nuada who downed it 3 days prior but with different toons with different gear capabilities... kills in 2 tries. Some strategy you have there lol I guess that analyzed it really well. What else do you think they could have do...

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