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Re: new player here

Hi there! Welcome to Celtic Heroes and the forums! It’s always great to have a new player. There are a lot of servers, but unfortunately I can only speak for two of them from experience: Herne and Danu. In all honesty I would suggest either one. Herne is pretty neat, not a ton of players but still r...

Re: Virtual Reality

It’d be an interesting experience but I’d think it’d be difficult considering all the buttons that CH has (at least that’s my understanding based on my experience with VR). Plus the graphics just don’t exactly fit in my opinion... again, though, it’s an interesting idea I just don’t think it fits th...

Re: CH Art Requests

Here is the first one, requested by paggasquid. https://i.postimg.cc/VvNhTvQG/900-CB0-F9-92-FB-4-B4-D-A8-CC-0-E0-C6-A7138-A1.jpg I want to thank you for your patience. There have been some really unexpected interruptions, so I really appreciate it! I really loved to draw this Druid, and it was actu...

Re: CH Art Requests

This is the drawing requested by Romeo. He’s really gonna kick butt fighting the goblin king with his trusty tiger by his side! :D https://i.postimg.cc/h48G9D0F/36307-B5-C-21-A0-48-C9-A5-FF-3-C04-B2-A530-A8.jpg Thank you so much for your patience Romeo. I really enjoyed drawing this for you!

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