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Re: Tier 8 Axe Offy Skill?

Wardon-CH wrote:Really all you need to know is that it is trash....

2 second cast time
1.5-2k divine damage
Cooldown is around 40 seconds or something
It's just a single hit so there is no DoT effect

Basically it's useless....

Damn alright that sucks, but thanks for the info! :)

Re: Lost lock

I'm sure your the only clan who had this problem and yeah i bet pk and bf help them after they lock all the "greed monsters" trying to have fun just like you, just cause someone has a different clan name over there head doesn't mean there scum, would suggest trying harder next time, or cre...

Re: Lost lock

So basically you wiped on the boss and lost the lock and the other clan locked it, because that's part of the game, don't be a sore loser and call everyone a thief, I'm sure if that happened to them you would give them nothing, don't be self righteous, it's called a loss (L) it's part of the game, i...

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