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Re: Support

The emails are backed up. The team is steadily working to get those caught up. I expect some of them will be lost in translation and need to be resent once these channels are caught up. We have gotten the in-game CS tool caught up and tickets are generally receiving a first response within 24-48 ho...


Ive had a major problem that i mailed support about like 2 weeks ago but no response yet and i pmed mudlar many times no answer i need help Is this normal fir suppirt ti take that long??

Re: COrrupted gardens

Qs far as i know its going to be lvl 180s not eg but if it is eg the game NEEDS to higher xp from mobs becuz or else lvling is gonna be impossible for llv 230 people would have to spend days or weeks on a single level so if they do make it 230+ they would have to make lvling easier

Legacyte buy n sell UPDATED may 4th

Selling Mighty silver web helm of the carapace 75k Boreal aoen harp 7500 gold Red candycane 10k Blue winterstave 10k Fiery brand 7500 gold Godly banshee 100k Yellow candycane 10k Green candycane 10k Gleaming bagpipes increase 100 evasions 70k Imperial banshee 80k Minor blazewand of dor-keln 15k Wint...

What lugh prices are and should be

Lugh prices are very high and i decided to make a list of my OPPNION and what they should be and on what we should work together to sell them for that price and stop buying the expensive prices now ik this will most likely not happen but seriously lugh prices are way too over and we should work on g...

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