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Food of Gods Corrupted Gardens Official Release Dates Announced.

I like many of you seek this highly anticipated release date announcement, crossing my fingers it will be sometime this year, and that it will exceed all our expectations. Having said that, I hope OTM takes the time needed to deliver the best and most comprehensive update to date. Truly, I'd like no...

Level 168 Warrior guide

At this point in the game you get it, more points in Vit means more tank where as more in stregth means more dmg, and you balance those two you get hybrid build. Yeah yeah yeah... Tell me something I don't already know Mr Pikestaff. Consider this crazy mad genius, it's all about what jewelry you wea...

Gamers 101

By now "as gamers" we know what we want out of video games we invest our time and money in, Celtic Heores being no exception. As a old school gamer I can honestly say that celtic heroes is a great platform for iOS devices like my ipad 3. However, I sadly realize that celtic heros is the &q...

Farewell 190 xp faerie

I was level 68 when belthane summer event started. Now I'm level 130! Thanks to xp faeries, whom I will miss greatly. Reply with pics or memories if you feel as i do. Any ideas or guesses as to what will replace the xp faeries?

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Re: Where has the challenge gone?

At level 123 I can safely say that I too feel the games repetitive nature. After all this is a sandbox mmorpg the last time I checked. I'm a former elite Everquest player so I know true mmorpg gameplay and experience. Celtic Heroes is good for casual gaming, it's not really a big mmorpg (considering...

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