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Re: Corrupted Garden Mob Drops

Only seen lure of fire/ice so far.. no ward rings either. Disappointing They’re pretty rare drops so we don’t know if there are ward rings or not. There are definitely lure rings Was confirmed, no ward rings and no lure rings (other than fire and ice). We asked for them to change it in closed and o...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Proteus Prime wrote:Erm, they will reply in whatever language you use..........if you look at the reviews on the asia version a english review gets an english reply.

What is the highest player lv in the game?

Re: What comes after?

We still have to resolve the last of the post-update bugs (or celebrate, we've been so busy) but have had some team discussions as to the future, beyond the Corrupted Gardens. A lot of ideas being thrown around regarding systems, loot and visuals so it would be great to hear the communities suggest...

Re: Game flawed -Loss of quality gamers continues.

Oh boy, instead of being toxic on forums, you should invest your time into something more productive: like attending classes. Okay boy genius... boy nerd... fawkyu :lol: I understand your frustration, but come on dude, let’s not be so negative and nasty about it. Let’s not get this thread lock, the...

Re: Game flawed -Loss of quality gamers continues.

Ok so some people do not like how a server can be dominated by 1 clan due to some raids requiring 30-50 people every time. I don’t play WoW but i assume WoW is a MMO as well right? Is it similar to CH in anyway? If so, What i wanna ask is does same issue apear there as well? If not why can’t OTM ta...

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