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Re: Added BT Loot

That’s also an option. But then....what are the chances? No it istn an option cus rangers get sharpshot and rogues get quickstrike so we need pummel. No more idiotic feedback please if u dont play dps warriors (not u artisan). Rangers also get long shot and rogues also get ss (and sneaky on other g...

Re: Added BT Loot

How much does the addition water down dagger ring drop rates by? Only seen two drop this year with killing bt on day of spawn all year so bigger loot table means their virtualy non existent now? Hope drop rates were adjusted to compensate for these new rings being added. yes dont worry the droprate...

Re: Global Castle feedback

tayilern wrote:Also I will add, why is there no option to filter other servers out? Anyone with common sense would know that this many resources would overload your typical mobile device. We aren't playing a pc mmo, seems our devs need to keep that in mind.

scwihing played wow he knows best pls no toxic

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