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Re: Where do i start

Mdunc1982 wrote:
Chelseam2 wrote:
Stephone wrote:Nuada

Nuada is actually dead. They struggle with gele as an endgame boss.

Stay in mabon imo best server around. Belenus kinda good tho

Is Mabon competitive?


Re: Login glitch

Haven't really noticed that much of a growth in the community that it would cause a strain on the servers lol... Well, if you look at the most users online at once from the forum, then you will see that it was on February, 2020 with 1111 users on at once. So, the community is certainly growing. Not...

Re: Login glitch

Hello Heroes, Please try restarting your device and checking your internet. We are not aware of any login issues on our end at this time. Thanks, Support Team I don't know when our Support Team responded to you with this message, but it wasn't about this issue players are experiencing currently. Wa...

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