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Re: Teaweasel's Rogue Primer for Update 3. long, grab pillow

This sounds interesting, thank you for the information. Assassinate doesn't sound super useful, but I will give it a shot. The other skills seem kind of useless as well, I guess we will just have to play around and see. It seems as though they gimped Sneaky Attack as that was near instant but rend ...


iBenYourBro wrote:The update is tommorow and I have nothing on my ranger to level him to 80 I'm gonna cry :cry: hopefully admin can work his magic fast cause I need to get to 80... Hopefully he can do it .... Go admin Go!!!

umm exuse me
i think ill be on my way

Re: beta testing

I would expect mid summer when Update 4 is getting unveiled they will put out more applications for Beta Testing. All old tester's already have their UDID's in the system, so who knows how many they might need, but I'm sure they will contact the community then. The benefits are seeing new content f...

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