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Re: Warden or Darkshadow?

Thanks for the tips, I will keep wearing the Shadow armor. The broken Warden armor (chest still missing) doesn’t worth too much btw, I tried it. In the past few days I fought against a lot of Chaos bosses in Stonevale, and the 6* main bosses usually killed me with 2 of their skills (especially Chill...

Re: Fall and Winter Events

They said they focus on permanent content now, so I don’t think there will be bigger, long lasting event contents but small ones (Halloween/Christmas/other in-game-only events) would be extremely cool and really appreciated, I'm sure. These types of little things would help to keep the game fresh by...

Re: Cost of Firestorm

Wow that’s such a difference we only pay 15-20k on herne. That would be the correct price here as well (even 75-100k would be acceptable, dependent on rarity). But 150+? It's just too much for a skill book imo, especially when lux items also sold for surreal prices most of the time. But that is tha...

Warden or Darkshadow?

I’m in full Darkshadow for a while now and recently started collecting my Wardens, but despite the fact that I’ve already got 4 pieces they just sit in my bank, and it’s mainly because of the huge amount of Focus boost (+50) from the Darkshadow set. My spells are stronger, I have more total energy a...

Cost of Firestorm

I'm planning to buy one and wondered how much it costs on other worlds. Here in Balor it’s usually between 180k - 220k but if you’re lucky enough you may get one for 150k. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

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