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Can I drop these items?

All of them were quest rewards and marked as NO TRADE/important item, which confuses me because they are not important for me at all, they just eat up the space in my backpack. I don't think that I will need them in the future but don't want to make a mistake and dismiss something important which wi...

Re: Return to Carrowmore Tunnels! - Halloween Mini Event!

Mind wrote:That being said, I think OTM did a pretty good job...Therefore I think that people need to be slightly more thankful (even if thanksgiving isn't for a couple more weeks) that OTM has given us what we asked for. ;)

Pretty much this. I enjoyed this event, it was just a little extra from OTM to us.

Golden Apples

Just finished collecting Golden Apples for my Spiritshadow armor and I think this quest has a bit misleading description, and because of this it takes way more time to complete. The quest says you need to collect five Golden Apples which can be obtained from the different Dryads in the Otherworld bu...

Re: Too many disconnects

WiFi, and no, usually doesn't appear but sometimes I check it and see that there is "weak signal". Although it happened a few times that the indicator turned off for a few seconds, but that's totally new. This whole thing is totally new btw, because it's not a new device and my girlfirend ...

Too many disconnects

It’s pretty annoying now that almost every fast travel which I made ends up with a dc. This is also noticeable when I want to use the Auction House. Didn’t made any statistics, but I usually get disconnected at least once in every 5-10 minutes or less if I use the Leystones or the Auction House freq...

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