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Finding Relics

I enjoy fishing in Celtic Heroes, well-designed, exciting and also relaxing at the same time. I also make statistics about my fishing because I love charts. I stopped leveling my fishing at level 80 because I want to obtain the level 1 Bear Pet, so I'm only fishing in Lir’s Reach in the hope to get ...

Re: Warden or Darkshadow?

Lvl 127 and getting 2 shot by stonevale bosses? Spearhorn and fairy boss really only ones that do a lot of damage if i remember correctly. Or was this when u were lower lvl? I think you need more vitality. Ive noticed a few mages go for the "godly" dps and although that might work if you ...

Re: Distorted Horses

Would you be able to provide us with the name of the zone you were in, items equipped and name of mount used? Thanks I don't know the proper name of the mounts since I don't have any, but I saw an undead-looking horse in Otherworld (have ss from it) and a regular, white horse (maybe a unicorn I'm n...

Distorted Horses

Since the new update hit the servers I’ve noticed that sometimes I see some of the old event horses kinda distorted, insted of their legs there is only a shapeless mass. I set graphic settings to maximum, checked other graphic settings (fast graphics/terrain disabled) but still the same. What causes...

Re: Where is the Black Dumpy?

All around Lir's Reach and in Farcrag Castle. If you can't find any, just pick up the common white chickens, wait until they respawn and I'm sure you will find some Black Dumpys then. As far as I know there are three places in Lir's Reach where you can find Black Dumpys (Highshore, Temple, Tavern) a...

Re: Can I drop these items?

bob the mage wrote:
Gerbid wrote:+ Loremantle Warden Armor set (never used and I never will)

Only drop if you have met armor... otherwise you should ask OTM to restore it instantly so you can get met to get frozen to get dl to get edl to get DG

Yeah, I'm doing Frozen now that's why I asked. Thanks.

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