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Re: Witch Dead

go back to the good old days of no locks and nobody knows whos gonna get drops until the end where the sole highest dps toon gets it for the group actually I think it should have the lock system. It's in an open pvp area so we're meant to fight each other for the boss but it's damage and hp needs n...

Re: Witch Dead

Well if vr can counting and rewarding highest 10 players dps on the witch and rest get lixs gold or whatever will be good xd Top 5% of players should get the highest rewards, the next 45% of players should get good rewards and the last 50% of players should get gold. Based off damage. Gonna have to...

Re: Witch Dead

Curry30423 wrote:
Rogue4Life wrote:Petition to remove drops from donn and give everybody something?

I don’t think they should just remove the drops from donn but award the same number of drops to each group present at the boss.

Guess u gave up on chicken helms

Re: Witch Dead

Familydryid wrote:I think Scar is in collusion with adm) this even explains why only he received drops not the whole group

Ur wrong the same thing happens with bounty bags and arena glads

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