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Re: To the drama llamas (not just some drama llamas, ALL the drama llamas, [yes, kinda myself too sort of])

bob the mage wrote:
THEONLYDICE wrote:Woah there...you forget the drama turtles too

Okay so in order of importance:
1) Drama Turtles
2) Drama Alpcas
3) Drama Llamas

Drama Camels
Gotta be. Drama Alpacas don't got nothin' on Drama Camels.

Re: Boar vs dragon for end game tank

For those who aren't getting the point of this from the above discussion, allow me to (attempt to) summarize: Bunny provides focus and healing, Pig provides health, armor and a damage shield (generally this does not have much effect end-game, so it's ignored in most comparisons) If there are no drui...

Re: dissapearing discussions, and OTMS crackdown/stances.

I'm looking to possibly continue it as a personal project but I'm not 100% guaranteeing it. I handle all the website stuff at OTM so it is definitely a possibility. If you do indeed do something along the lines of this, please recount Anex's efforts too (cause we kinda do owe him a lot for that... ...

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