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Re: New CG Offhand

Cuhcullians Bane (hits a boss with 3000-4000 or 4000-5000 Divine damage and leaves a debuff that increases Divine damage received by 30% for 15 seconds How do you increase unresisted damage We had this discussion, and the idea is more that it'd be a damage-multiplier rather than lowering a resistan...

Re: The Old Celtic Heroes Menu

Wow, so much nostalgia. Then again I remember a lot of frustration with getting that screen to cooperate, so this was somewhat poetically appropriate. (OG iPod ftw lol, still have mine somewhere that I've not gotten rid of cause it has some unsupported games that I want to recover ...eventually lol)

Re: New CG Offhand

I like the idea, Shatter has needed some love for... ever. +1 This feels exactly right on the warrior niche; offensive, but benefiting the whole. The exact numbers sound about right to me, but I'm sure it'd have to be something for them to play around with internally. And can we please call it "...

Re: Love CH!

CeresI wrote:Funny how I post that I love the game and everyone comes out all "this game sucks blah blah"
But those people are still playing, lol ;^)

It's good to see people are so passionate about this game, right? :)

Re: Love CH!

was hoping for some sort of "DUCK? where???" Behind you...no turn the other way..welp, now you are enduckened We may also get in trouble for our barely readable posts Oh, sorry, Mind... the popcorn distracted me. I like using it to feed the ducks. What posts? Gotcha, popcorn is great for ...

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