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Re: Quick Question

Weapon particle effects? Why would there be a graphical representation?[/quote]

Thats my question as well. Also I’ve seen some mobs have them as well(from what I perceived anyway). Why is this? Pretty cool to look at though

Quick Question

What are those little markers underneath mobs and players. They’re especially visible at gelebron. Why are there different types? If anyone knows, I would love to hear. Thanks

Re: Will DoT ever change?

Could OTM at least change DoT skills and skills such as lures to not be overriden by a weaker skill? It sucks when you max out your dps and are trying to kill a boss with 50/50 vines and strong damage and then someone else with 50/50 vines but weaker damage comes along and overrides your vines for t...

Re: Will DoT ever change?

Criminal wrote:Id also add to make Freeze usable. Freeze is used for interruption that its like a nerfed bash for bossing, perhaps make it so Freeze needs to take certain amount of dmg before its broken? I guess it needs to somehow be changed due it being currently lvl based.


Re: Need OTM answer

Do people really believe that the rarity of an item is based off its name, and not its looks/functions? I strongly disagree bringing old stuff back. This game needs to move forward, not back. I don't this discussion is to replace new items, but rather, some players do enjoy older items and like hav...

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