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Re: Discs

The disc's drop from all the wisp bosses, unicorn boss, and druid boss. They can drop anywhere from 1 to 6 discs. If multiple are dropped more than one member of the group will recieve one. Except for druid boss, the type of disc dropped is random. It seems so far only the druid boss can drop the dr...

Re: Vines Damage

I can't really help you with rank dmg as I have both maxed out, but vines is your most mp efficient spell. From what I've noticed, if you cast vines first followed by lightning, by the time lightning cooldown is up you would have had two ticks from vines. About two ticks of vines equal 1 lightning a...

Re: DexDruid

So what is your normal rotation?
Shoot with bow
Then switch to melee weapon or keep bow and cast spell.

Just wondering

Re: DexDruid

I like that your trying something different but I do have a suggestion. As a dex Druid you would be implying dodging attacks while doing more melee type damage. However if your using a bow instead of a melee weapon I don't see the use of putting points into dex if you are rooting and shooting. Unlik...

Re: Suggestions

It's no offense to your post but probably why you haven't had much depots are because alot of it has been suggested before. This game is still very early in it development stage. More skills, weapons and armor are being added with each update. Pvp is being looked to be added in the next update. Not ...

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