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Re: Chaos

Requirement is level 60. We had a brief period of time it was moved up to 100 but this was determined to be too high and moved back down. Sorry for any confusion.

I have played in a few servers before this one, my main one was Gwydion.


Hi everyone, This is Chaotic most of you have probably seen me. My clan is Chaos. We will be a elite endgame clan. At the moment we are recruiting any level 60+. If you wish to apply shoot me a pm. Our clan will be more focused on endgame content, we will be using a DKP system on endgame raid loot. ...

Re: Revival Chests

Are you kidding me? Why did you even place the chests? Based on feedback also? Chests were up for like 9hrs even half the world is sleeping and doesn't know jack about them. If you honestly care about feedback why did you even place them to piss off your players more! Make us some good content or b...

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