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Re: tank question

This is my tank, I'm not a troll. Using high defence gear as it's more important than hp, with 15k+ you can tank any boss in game.

Edit pic not working.

17700 hp (kite brings it up to 20k)
2300 energy
8800 defence

Re: What is the best server?

Definitely Nuada because of how cheap premium items are right now. Sigs 3k ea Xps 2k ea hastes 2k Combos 6k ea rezz 50g ea resto 100g ea chests 10k ea If I was to log into Nuada right now, how easily could I get 100 hastes, 100 combos, 100 chests, 200 sig crates, 2000 restos, and 200 xps? Chests an...

Re: tank question

You need more defence, sacrifice some HP gear for defence gears. my tank has like 3,000 less hp than you but 4,000 more defence which makes a huge difference.

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