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Re: Am I the only one out there without millions in gold??

I haven't been a noob in 6 years but I came from old money. Back when I started, 600k would get you almost fully maxed with heroic gloves, boots, ammy, bodkin and a golden camo charm for running to places. Sleds and brooms were a luxury not many had when boots were much better in combat. Since the p...

Re: End game toons

I am the opposite, I love camping and hate lixing lol. Mainly because of the attention I need to put in the game. When lixing I need to look at the game and lix, when camping unless there's serious comp I can chill and watch tv series/YouTube while doing it.

Re: End game toons

When i xfered to arawn i leveled 1-220 in a month. Back then that was so fast lol i cant even imagine doing it in 1 week. Back before crits, pets, mount, heroic exp, exp balance all the op lux etc etc. was without any powerleveler. Some group And some solo. I havnt leveled any alts since the exp ch...

Re: End game toons

I have never and don't as a principle count the amount of xp I get per lix. But I do know a general idea from talking with people and playing the game for so long and yea it's about that.

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