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Re: Happy 4th of July!

No offense to the Brits in the room but I do find it kinda hilarious that like half the countries in the world have a "no longer a part of Britain" holiday :lol: Which ones? Off the top of my head I can think of only India and USA. Israel too if you wanna be pedantic but I don't think it ...

Re: Bear pet

Thanks, for the feedback I’ve decided to drop all bear pieces as I can’t justify the wasted inventory space You'd be better off selling them in the AH. You could probably easily get at least 20k each, more if you have any higher tiered ones. Keep in mind that you have 5 auction slots, so you might ...

Re: The Dino raid.

The raid is broken. Still getting teleported with less than 30 people and no spectators were around today. VR needs to look into the coding. While I'm griping ... please extend spawn time on 5* nukes. And next time there's a wild idea about bosses being limited can we make it 220 req to get in ._. ...

Re: Bear pet

I could but the whole point is to be a standalone character. I'm not trying to cheat or use loopholes. I just want to know if the bear pet actually helps that much.

Bear pet

I have a bit of a dilemma, I can't trade or bank on my account and am struggling with inventory spaces at only 20. I currently have 3 crumbling items but still need 2 more, wondering how good the bear actually is or should I just drop the crumbling items. (already had to drop some aged ones as I rea...

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