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Re: Items sold to "vendor"

Please send this request using the ingame system however please be aware we can only restore items that have been dropped/sold in the past two months Lost my quiver 9 months ago, immediatly mailed otm ( lagg was so ba dand then accidentally sold my quiver in vendor). Still no response, good job, otm.

Re: Pitty identety thefts

Its abit funny how ppl have time to care soo much to get our things ! Hope they enjoy my set! Yes it was mine ;) i even signed it for ya before you( who ever you are) took it from my clannie! Lots of luv as always. Hope you log soon again soo we can have a coffe sometime mr awesome banks! I don't t...

Re: Question abt cross servers.

Wait did i scream to resets DL bosses? Yes ive told DS was a childish clan, someone told me that they kicked someone because he has ADHD, and i wanted to check if DS really was like that but it is actually a very nice clan, and you don't know anything about infinite, i left because the inactivity. E...

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