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Re: Banned LVRogue

LVRogue is nothing against BronzeMage aka Parue... he scammed scammers that knew alll trick, he scammed over 400m in gold, he scammed over 200m in items... he scammed many hunter sets and 100% mounts, he scammed eg accounts ( don't know ehat the highest lvl was in 2014/2015.

Re: RefundWanted

Mryarwood wrote:Hi I bought a hero ammy , gloves, boots and flint armor set can I please get a refund I got to level 100 in 2 days I didn't expect id do that.

Do u really think they're going to refund that?

Re: Since Nauda is new

lifeguard wrote:
Zizzou wrote:
lifeguard wrote:Thats the thing abt a new world, all new. Why would u bring back old content to a new server. So -1


is this a +1 for me or +1 for the chests

For u, ur right the server is new, no old things needed.

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