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Re: Server maintenance

offbeatj9er wrote:Does anyone know how much longer the servers will be down? I thought they would be working by 10:30, it's after 1 now, I've been waiting over 7 hours to play..

No one knows, we are all waiting, and they stopped working at 10:30, they said 6 - 8 hours downtime and its already past 7 hours 40 min


How much dex should I put if I'm str build?

Re: x-fer from arawn

one last thing, can anyone tell me the prices for some stuff on herne? -) sigils (hp and e, was told 25k a crate :( ) -) xp lix -) e regen lix -) standard chest mount (80/10, 90/30, 95/40) -) firestorm -) fire attune -) blue coven hat -) black hunter -) gold camo Fire attune and fire storm have bee...

Re: Searching for clan

Hey, guys. I' m new in this game but I have some experience in mmorpg' s. I have neen looking for a real mmorpg in Android (some stupid games dont have healer class, lol). I' m looking for a good and organizated clan to help me, teach me and grow with. Line or discord groups could be awesome. I hav...

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