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Re: New Fashion - Sneak Peak

We all can agree that hunter is the best, looks great and has one of my favorite effects Nu i love my Highlander set! I know taste in fash is subjective. But I feel like highlander is almost unanimously acknowledged as being the fugliest set in the game...i might have accidentally reported your mes...

Re: Herne

Well mets not wrong we do 2 geles per week and prot every day along with most other bosses on spawn. Problem is we're still looking to expand. Gele is done by the same people nearly every time and without these ppl present we wouldn't be able to do it. Just looking to expand so we have various diff...

Re: Thanks otm

Gunz96 wrote:+1

Most addicting game ever! I disagree with a ton of the complaints people have against the game, I like seeing positive posts like this one :-)

Me too. That's why i've reported him.

Re: Explain why DG Armour is not a total waste on a Druid or Mage...

When I consider how skill dependant Druids and Mages are, it really makes me question the practicality of DG Armour. Sure, I could get my Focus to some amazing levels, but would that outweigh losing a skill or two? Honestly the only end-game for Druids and Mages these days is drops from Gelebron. S...

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